Learn why we’re the best at what we do and why we’re regarded as one of the best in the industry of BUMPER SOCCER today.

1.  Amazingly Simple Use

The game rules are very similar to original football, 5 VS 5, two teams with two different types of bumper soccer. You can play it both on lawn or on football pitch.

2. Global Popularity

The ‘bumper soccer’ is already practiced in Europe and the United States, where there are more than 17 leagues established. Organizers will continue to explore new possibilities in the future.

3. Great Fun with Safety

The bubble absorbs shocks, so the damage is zero. This peculiarity is the special thing about this sport that is becoming known in USA. Bumper soccer simply to have fun without getting hurt.


5. High Quality

We use 100% PVC & TPU for making our bumper soccer

6. Free Shipping

We provide free shipping worldwide by DHL/FedEx.

7. 24/7 Service

You can send us e-mail at any time, we will reply you in 24 hours.

E-mail: sales@bumpersoccer.us

8.Variety of Options

We have many types and colors of bumper balls for you to choose from. Also with free air pump and LOGO.