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The bumper soccer, a sport born in Norway just over 3 years. Its practice is similar to conventional football, but all players are introduced into bubbles covering them from head to knees and protect the person from any fall or injury by playing.

The main objective is to score the most goals the opposing teams, but to do so, must overcome all your opponents until you reach your goal. Note that there are no mistakes so you can avoid bumping or knocking goals your rivals.

Thanks to the bubbles of 1.50 meters in diameter will stay always protected against any shock so your only concern will be fun. These bubbles have adjustable harnesses to your size so that you are always protected by the bubble.

In Bubble football also we have 3 types of balls bubble size, perfect for that


Popular Packages of Bumper Soccer

  • 6 Balls
  • 1 Free Air Pump
  • 1 Year of Guarantee
  • Free Logo & Shipping
$ 1500
  • 12 Balls
  • 2 Free Air Pumps
  • 1 Year of Guarantee
  • Free Logo & Shipping
$ 2880
  • 24 Balls
  • 4 Free Air Pumps
  • 1 Year of Guarantee
  • Free Logo & Shipping
$ 5282
1025 X 490

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Most people choose the package of 12 bumper soccer for team competition. 6 red balls & 6 blue balls, an excellent game begins. We can provide you free air pump, repair kits and the most important thing, Great Pleasure!